You Might Be the Father of a Newborn If…

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Having a baby is a life-changer! I am doing and saying things that I never thought I would do or say. I am not doing things and not saying things that I always thought I would do or say (say what??).

In case you are wondering how you might be able to tell if you’re the father (or the mother for that matter) of a newborn baby, below are some observations from the Unexpected Dad household that might give you some clues.

You might be the father of a newborn if:

  1. You have your alarm set for a 2:00am “feeding”.
  2. You know what I’m talking about when I say “Sniff Test”.
  3. You could swaddle in your sleep (if you got any sleep).
  4. You know what swaddling is.
  5. You have cases of diapers and wipes on a shelf in your basement/garage.
  6. You start using the word “cute” to describe clothes (baby clothes).
  7. You joined “Amazon Mom” and are ok with it.
  8. A family outing consists of a trip to the pediatrician.
  9. You have entire conversations about poop.
  10. You make up songs about poop and sing them to your child.
  11. Night of the Living Dead has a whole different meaning.
  12. You wonder what formula and/or breast milk taste like (but are reluctant to try it).
  13. There is a newborn baby in your house.

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The Unexpected Dad

The Unexpected Dad

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I write about the rather unexpected journey of fatherhood, please join me!

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