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Wow, it’s been quite a while since I have posted something new, things at the Unexpected Dad household have been hopping and our daughter has been through quite a few changes since the last post back in January. Here is the short-list of updates:

  • We have transitioned Unexpected Baby out of the sleep suit and into a lightweight sleep sack. This allows her to shift positions and move around the crib, and boy does she move around the crib!
  • She is able to get into a sitting position on her own. She has also started crawling, which means during playtime we are chasing her all over the place.
  • At the beginning of the year her feedings consisted of 5 bottles a day (formula). Then we have started her on soft baby food with 3 “meals” a day and cut down to 4 bottles. Then we cut down the number of bottles to 3 a day and added an afternoon snack (usually consisting of some yogurt or cottage cheese and some fruit). Very recently we started making our own baby food at home with fresh ingredients, weaning her off of formula and transitioning to whole milk. By next week we will have her completely off formula which will save us $75.00-$100.00 per month!
  • Unexpected Baby turned 1 last month! She is learning a lot of new things, every day we wake up wondering what new thing she is going to do today.
  • It seems as though she is on the brink of standing on her own, I think another month and she will be standing and getting ready to take her first steps.
  • One thing that has been a little difficult to deal with is that she is developing a will of her own. Now really this is a good thing, but a lot of the time this manifests itself in fussy behavior, especially when she doesn’t get something that she wants. She also tends to get upset by the boundaries that we set, and this can turn into little temper tantrums (sometimes it’s a little funny).

One of the biggest changes apparent to me is my daughter’s mental development. She seems to understand quite a few words and phrases and responds to questions (usually by either pointing, and/or saying a few gibberish words). Lack of the ability to communicate seems to frustrate her; if she is unable to get her point across, it usually turns into some whining or crying.

Well, that is about it for this quick little update. I hope to post some new articles more often, especially around what we are doing for home-made baby food, so stay tuned.

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