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Shock and Awe – The Unexpected Dad

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You’re  a 40 something man with plans of early retirement and travel just a few short years away, when suddenly the bomb gets dropped:  You’re wife is pregnant.  This was where I was at just 6 short months ago.  When my wife delivered the news of the impending child, the phrase “shock and awe” came to mind.  I was the picture perfect image of “man behaving badly”.

My wife and I were married not quite 3 years ago and although we weren’t against the idea of having children, we both thought that it was probably not in the cards for us.  We both have careers and since being married back in 2011, had been putting quite a chunk of income into savings and investments.  I had planned on early retirement (although my wife wasn’t quite convinced) and a kid just wasn’t in the plan.

My wife is now six months along, and I have had time to digest the news.  Over the last six months I went from shock and disbelief to excitement.  I think that God gives us nine months of pregnancy to prepare emotionally and mentally for what is to come, especially for first time parents.  Any shorter and we would probably be woefully unprepared.  Any longer and the anticipation (not to mention the mother’s discomfort) would probably kill us.

I will write here about our journey as unexpected parents from the unexpected dad’s perspective.  I will admit right now that I am pretty clueless about what it will be like to be a father, how to act as a father, what to do and even what we will need when we bring our new baby home.  I know I will make a ton of mistakes along the way, but I also know that I will learn a lot as God guides me through the process.

Welcome to The Unexpected Dad.

The Unexpected Dad

The Unexpected Dad

My name is Paul and I am The Unexpected Dad.My wife and I married late in life and we didn’t really expect to have children (thus the title of my blog). We weren’t opposed to the idea of having children, but just assumed that it was not in the cards for us.

I write about the rather unexpected journey of fatherhood, please join me!

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