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How to Put the Nursery Together

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The house we are living in now is a house we built last year, and at the time we had no idea we were going to have a child. When we put the contract in on the house, everything was chosen based on the idea that it would be just the two of us for the rest of our lives. We picked a ranch style house with a full finished basement and the standard plan calling for 3 bedrooms on the main level and 2 bedrooms in the finished basement. We removed one of the bedrooms on the main level to extend the living area which consists of a living room, kitchen and dining room. The spare bedroom upstairs was originally to be my office; those plans changed.

Kicked to the Curb

My office ended up moving to one of basement bedrooms, and the spare bedroom on the main level is now the nursery. I really did not know what was supposed to go into a nursery other than what I saw on television. I knew it needed a crib,and pastel colors on the walls with stenciled cartoon characters or flowers, at least that’s what I see on these home improvement shows. So what did we decide to do with the room formerly know as “the office”?

Well, we are not painting walls pink or blue or some other pastel color. We are not putting stencils on the walls of Cinderella or daisies and we are not buying all the coolest things we can find brand spanking new. We are blessed enough to have a family member who recently had two children and was looking to get rid of most of her baby stuff. This means that we received some high quality furniture and other baby accessories at little to no cost.

Get Some Stuff (But Not Too Much)

Now armed with some slightly used furniture and an aversion to pastel colors (well, not really) we started putting the nursery together. One of the used items we received was a very nice crib, which is the main piece of furniture in the room. We also purchased a combination dresser/changing table from* and a glider chair. If we have a theme for the room, it is “animals”; most of the decor in the room is animal related.

Our nursery is pretty simple compared to some of the rooms I see being done on television, but I think it is functional and it looks nice. Here is a list of items we have, or are planning to get for the nursery:

  • Crib
  • Glider chair
  • Combination dresser and changing table
  • Cubby with storage baskets
  • Dim-able floor lamp
  • Elephant shaped quilt hanging on wall
  • Various pictures
  • Black-out curtains
  • Baby

So there you have it, the basics of our nursery. It is coming together very nicely and I am excited to start using it for its intended purpose.

Oh yeah, it doesn’t hurt to have a baby registry created so you can get some stuff you need as gifts.  Doing a registry online is quick and easy.  We used Amazon (see link below).

NOTE: This post contains affiliate links through Amazon Associates, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small sum of money. This small sum of money is generally enough to buy coffee or a doughnut.  Hey, it’s still a doughnut! The links below are affiliate links.

Week 27

* The combination dresser and changing table we purchased from The exact same dresser was also being sold on, but it was significantly cheaper on Wayfair, plus Wayfair had free shipping, Babies-R-Us did not:

DaVinci Kalani Dresser at Wayfair $222.99 no shipping charges.

DaVinci Kalani Dresser at Babies R Us $279.99 plus shipping charges.

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