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Pseudo-Black Friday Shopping at Lowe’s

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For Christmas this year I bought a new 7.5 foot Christmas tree from Lowe’s on Wednesday 11/26, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and thus the Wednesday before black Friday. Now I have never gone out shopping early in the morning on black Friday; fighting crowds to save a few bucks was never my thing. Actually, when I bought my new tree, it never registered in my brain that Christmas trees would be discounted during the black Friday sale at Lowe’s, but alas as I found out (after I bought the tree), there would be a substantial discount on Christmas trees for black Friday.

I purchased my new tree from Lowe’s for $278.00 on Wednesday 11/26. On Friday I realized that there was a 25% discount on trees for black Friday, which would have been about a $70.00 savings. At first I was a little upset that I overspent on the tree, but then I remembered that several months previous I bought a miter saw at Lowe’s. Less than a week later I saw the exact same saw on sale in a Lowe’s advertisement. I went into the store and they price matched the saw, so I wondered if the same would work for a black Friday sale.

The answer is “yes”, the same price match policy worked for the black Friday sale. Lowe’s policy is that they will match their sale prices if you bought the item within one week of the sale. So I went into the store with my receipt, Lowe’s price matched it and I received a nice $70.00 refund.

Way to go Lowe’s, this is the way to keep your customers!

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