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How to Rock Mother’s Day

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Up until the time I had a daughter of my own, Mother’s Day consisted of some flowers and a phone call to my mom. Now with a child, Mother’s Day takes on a whole new meaning. It is a chance to show my wife how much I appreciate her and make what would be a normal, regular old Sunday into …

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5 Essential Traits of a Father

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There are many parallels drawn in the Bible regarding the relationship between the Father in heaven and His people, and the relationship between a father and his child. The Bible is clear on many aspects of fatherhood and parenting and there are many traits we could pull from scripture. I’m sure pages and pages could be written on this subject …

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10 Tips for Expectant and New Dads

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Being a new dad is an exciting and sometimes frightening time. When we were expecting our daughter and after she was born, I consumed every tip and piece of advise I could get my hands on. This post has 5 tips for expectant dads, and 5 tips for new dads that will help get you going. Do you have any …

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Thankfulness – Guest Post on GetConnectDad

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Julian over at GetConnectDad.Com has a great idea going: A series of posts detailing “52 Traits I Want In My Kids”; the first trait is to be thankful. When Julian asked me to write a guest post from my perspective I jumped at the chance. Please follow the link below to the GetConnectDad site to read more! What do I …

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Dad’s Awesome Breakfast Sandwich

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I love breakfast! Especially fried eggs, toast, hash browns and bacon. What better way to enjoy this classic egg breakfast than to have it in the form of a sandwich; you’ll get a taste of everything in every bite! It takes about 15-20 minutes to make, depending on how well you time everything. This recipe assumes a couple things: You …

DadClaration #101

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Quote From Survival Guide for New Dads: Two-Minute Devotions for Successful Fatherhood by Nick Harrison “In just about every way, your children will reflect your own attitudes, good and bad, back at you. The implications of this are enormous. More than ever, you must be the man of God you were always meant to be. Honor, integrity, moral purity, clean …

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Hiking Red Rock Canyon Open Space

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Difficulty: Easy A pretty area just west of Colorado Springs is Red Rock Canyon Open Space. With the system of trails here, one can make several different loops so that each hike here could be a little different. Keep in mind that this area gets very crowded on the weekends since it has close proximity to town; last time Lisa …

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Say What? – Words of a Toddler

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I mentioned in a previous post about Things to Expect With a Toddler that talking is one thing that has really taken off with our daughter. Below you will find a short list of words my daughter is using. Note that this is not an exhaustive list and she seems to learn new words almost every day.