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How to Rock Mother’s Day

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Up until the time I had a daughter of my own, Mother’s Day consisted of some flowers and a phone call to my mom. Now with a child, Mother’s Day takes on a whole new meaning. It is a chance to show my wife how much I appreciate her and make what would be a normal, regular old Sunday into more special day. I’m sure all of us dads would love to really ROCK Mother’s Day, but rocking Mother’s Day will require some prep work and attention to detail on our part.

Covert Operations

So how do you accomplish this banner Mother’s Day? You may have to go deep under cover in order to determine what the mother of your children really wants for Mother’s Day. Well, maybe not so much, but you will need to pay attention and keep your eyes and ears open. So what should you be looking and listening for? Good question.

Do you regularly get catalogs in the mail from retailers that she has ordered from before? If so take note of which catalogs she looks at and which pages she reads (you may have to sneak up behind her with your ninja-like enhanced creeping skills). She may even make it a little easier for you by dog-earing a few pages; even better, she may mark a few items that she is particularly interested in. Then when she’s not looking, grab the catalog and slip away with it; review and take the opportunity to decide if she actually wants anything out of it.

Last time you went to a store together, did you notice something she was particularly interested in? Make sure you take note! If she spends more than several minutes looking at a single item, it may be something she would be interested in receiving as a gift. But don’t stop there. More than likely she is also dropping some verbal cues, she may not even realize that she is doing it, so make sure you are paying attention.

One thing to keep in mind is that she may want something immaterial for a Mother’s Day gift. Would she love to spend some time as a family going to the park or the zoo? Would she like a nice dinner out with just the two of you? Don’t stay focused on just things you can buy her, focus also on quality time and acts of service you can perform for her. More than likely her Mother’s Day gift(s) will consist of BOTH a material gift AND quality time/acts of service (hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more…).

Also, never underestimate the value and effect of a Mother’s Day card, even better if it is personalized. If you buy a pre-made greeting type of card, make sure you and the kids write something special in it; don’t just scribble you’re name and seal it in the envelope!

Enlist Some Help

If your child is old enough, ask him or her (or them) if they have heard their mom talk about anything that she would like to receive. At any age, include them in signing the card or better yet, create a personalized card with them. Take the kiddos shopping with you or get their opinion on items in a catalog. Everything will be extra special when the kids are involved, they will probably have some great ideas!

Executing Your Plan

You have figured out what to give, what to do and when to do it. You have involved your children and everyone is ready to go; Mother’s Day is here and it is time to execute your plan. First things first: If your wife is the one who typically gets up with the kids, gets them breakfast, dressed and going, today it’s your turn while she sleeps in. If you are culinary inclined, make breakfast for the woman of honor and if possible, serve in-bed.

The Middle Mothers Day

At this point it’s a little up in the air depending on what you are giving and what you have planned for the day. Make sure that the day is as low stress as possible for Mom; get the kids involved in taking over housework and chores, mom should not be doing any of that if at all possible.

The most important thing of the entire day is to put some thought into it and plan as best as possible so it feels special and out of the ordinary. Do this and you will be rocking Mother’s Day!

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