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Amazon Listens – Amazon Family

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Amazon Mom is now Amazon family, thanks Amazon! I guess it really wasn’t a big deal, but I always felt that Amazon was alienating 50% of their potential market. Regardless of what they call it, Amazon still produces some great deals with this program, which also includes Amazon Prime.

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Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit – Review

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The last couple months have been a struggle getting Brooke to sleep at night. Not only has it been difficult to get her down initially, but she also wakes up on a regular basis throughout her sleep. She was past the point of being swaddled, so we had been using a sleep sack which acts as a swaddle but keeps …

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Pseudo-Black Friday Shopping at Lowe’s

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For Christmas this year I bought a new 7.5 foot Christmas tree from Lowe’s on Wednesday 11/26, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and thus the Wednesday before black Friday. Now I have never gone out shopping early in the morning on black Friday; fighting crowds to save a few bucks was never my thing. Actually, when I bought my new tree, …

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Amazon Mom – Review

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I don’t know about everyone else, but Amazon is my first-stop shopping destination. I buy almost everything, other than food-stuffs and clothes, from Amazon; I at least check Amazon first. So when my sister mentioned Amazon Mom to me for purchasing diapers and wipes, I decided I would check into it. The membership is $99.00 a year, so the obvious …

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Dad Gear – Original Messenger Diaper Bag – Review

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The diaper bag. For me it brought visions of a large, cavernous women’s purse. You know, the type that looks big enough to be carry-on luggage, with a very large center compartment and a not-so-manly look. My wife has a nice, backpack style diaper bag that is functional, yet it has a bright floral pattern that I wasn’t too anxious …