About The Unexpected Dad

Hello, my name is Paul. Back in 2014 I started this website called The Unexpected Dad. Why did I call it this?

Read on.

My wife and I married late in life and we didn’t really expect to have children. We weren’t opposed to the idea of having children, but we just assumed that it was not in the cards for us. Then one evening in November after watching a Denver Bronco football game, my wife said she was going to go “do something”. Very soon thereafter I found out she went to take a pregnancy test.

It was positive.


It was positive…no joke.

The Unexpected Dad is about is about being an “older” dad and the learning curve associated with assuming the role of a new dad, at any age. When I started the blog several months before my daughter was born, the intent was just to document the trials, tribulations, joys and accomplishments during the pregnancy and then as I continued my journey. I wanted to share what I had learned, but not necessarily give advice.

The site is continually evolving; there are now more articles on “How-To” type of topics, as well as updates, experiences and a few comedic interludes. The main goal of the site is to help everyone that has charge of a child (including myself) be a better dad and thus a better man.

The same holds true for my female readership, which actually accounts for over HALF of the site’s total traffic. I hope that the content will help you be a better mother and thus a better woman.

I am a Christian and most of what you see on the site will have a Biblical perspective.  The more I continue on in my role as a father, the more I can see that there’s no way I could do this without the grace of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

A few more things about me:

  1. My “day job” is that of an IT manager for a very large, global IT services company.
  2. I love music.  I started on piano was I was a wee little lad.  I also play trumpet, guitar and I started learning violin several years ago.  I also compose some dramatic orchestral type music as one of my hobbies.
  3. I love the outdoors.  Some of the posts you will see on this site relate to outdoors and hiking.

I would love to hear any type of feedback.  Comment on any of the posts, use the Contact form (click on the “Contact” option on the main menu) or hit me up on social media (social media icons are along the top and bottom of the site).


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