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5 Cool Thing About My Baby Girl

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There are many milestones in a baby’s life, although we have not hit any of the really major ones yet: Crawling, talking, teething, walking, college. However there are still many things that have happened in my daughters short 15 weeks that are very cool. This post contains 5 of them. They may seem pretty minor and insignificant, but to me they are pretty awesome.

  1. Smiling – When my daughter was less than a month old, she was smiling in her sleep, but when she actually smiled at me for the first time while she was awake, it was truly amazing. Now at 15 weeks old, she smiles quite a bit and I try to get her to smile at me whenever possible. When she does smile at me, I get the biggest kick out of it.
  2. Cooing/Babbling – Over the last 3-4 weeks my daughter has started making sounds other than the sounds associated with crying, and it seems as though she adds to her repertoire daily. Not only is this very cute, but these sounds seem to replace crying as a method of communicating with my wife and me.
  3. Interaction – In addition to smiling and cute sounds, she is also interacting with us a whole lot more. Facial expressions, hand movements, eye contact and more. Every day I wake up and wonder what new thing she is going to do next.
  4. Play Time – This is getting really fun. There are several toys my daughter seems to really like. She grabs, tugs and swats, all while smiling and making happy sounds. Most items that she grabs she tries to put in her mount, which can be funny to watch since her coordination still isn’t that great.
  5. Cuteness – She’s just so gosh darn cute. See featured image.

Well, there are many more than just 5 cool things about my daughter, these are just a few that came to mind as I sat down at my computer. As she gets older, I’m sure there will be many more cool things that I will be able to write about.

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  1. Robert

    These are great! I also love all the smiling…makes all the crying worth it. 🙂

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