23 Things I Want My Daughter to Know

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I have a lot of things that I want to tell my daughter that randomly pop into my head, however at 23 months old she probably won’t understand most of it. I’ve actually tried telling her some of these things, but I usually get the famous toddler response of “No!”. So what I decided to do was jot some of these down and then I can either tell her when she’s older, or maybe she’ll even read this blog herself! Anyway, here are some of the things I wrote down that I would like to tell her.

  1. You are beautiful. I could just look at you for hours and be content.
  2. Put God first, everything else will fall into place.
  3. One of my biggest joys is when you just randomly come up and give me a hug.
  4. You will always be in my heart, no matter what happens.
  5. No boy will ever be good enough for you.
  6. We will probably get into disagreements about #5.
  7. I hope this blog is something you are interested in reading when you get older.
  8. If you try, you could pretty much get anything you wanted from me, I’m really a push-over for you. πŸ™‚
  9. Actually, not sure I want you to know about #8. Oh well…what the heck!
  10. When it’s time to choose a career, do something you enjoy. Don’t get trapped in work that you dislike.
  11. When it comes time to get married, be picky, don’t settle.
  12. Same goes for boyfriends, be picky.
  13. If something interests you and you want to try it, go ahead and try it. I will do my best to support you (within reason).
  14. Study the Bible. Know and understand what it says.
  15. I was scared out of my mind when I found out Mommy was pregnant. At times I still am scared.
  16. Coconut cream pie is mighty tasty, but for some reason no one else seems to like it. Go figure.
  17. I hope you want to learn to play a musical instrument. Order of preference: Violin, Cello, Viola, Piano, Brass, Woodwind. Don’t play drums, I would like you to be a musician.
  18. By the way, you enjoyed music a lot even before you were two. When music is playing you’re dancing, humming and singing along.
  19. Stay active and do lots of outdoor activities.
  20. Try not to worry too much about what people think of you; follow the Lord and do what you think is right.
  21. Don’t get caught up in “stuff”, it doesn’t really matter and things won’t make you happy.
  22. Be serious about your own education.
  23. I love you!

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The Unexpected Dad

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    1. The Unexpected Dad Author
      The Unexpected Dad

      Thanks Lauranne, I’m glad you enjoyed reading it. It was mostly a brain dump.

  1. Melissa Rose

    So sweet! Number 3 is probably every parent’s biggest joy, and yet it’s probably something that becomes less and less frequent with age. πŸ™ I also love you telling her to be picky, but I have a good feeling she won’t have to be. I don’t know you or her or anything about your family, but I know from this post that you’re a good dad, and she’ll find a man who treats her the way you treat her. So keep setting the best examples! πŸ™‚

    1. The Unexpected Dad Author
      The Unexpected Dad

      Wow, thank you for the nice comments and encouragement Melissa, I really appreciate it! Since what happens in #3 becomes less frequent I need to take it in now and take time to enjoy it! πŸ™‚
      I will do my best to keep setting good examples.

      Thanks a bunch,

    1. The Unexpected Dad Author
      The Unexpected Dad

      Thanks for the comment Paul! Glad you enjoyed the list.

  2. narissa

    Aww just knew your blog and this 23 lovely things from Twitter share. I would say to my daughter : read books and be a millionaire! πŸ˜‰

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