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How to Create a Simple Height Chart

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When I was growing up my parents had an area in the laundry room where they recorded the height of my sisters and me by measuring and then marking our height and the date on the wall. The one problem was that it wasn’t mobile and if we had ended up moving the original markings would have been lost.

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Little Miss Cranky Pants

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Ever had one of those days where your toddler seems to be throwing one big temper tantrum all day long? My daughter turned 2 a couple weeks ago, thus we have entered the “terrible twos”. There was a time when I wasn’t really a believer in the terrible twos, but this was before we actually got here. Now I believe!

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Hiking Lost Creek Wilderness – Lizard Rock Trail

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Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

I have hiked several trails in Lost Creek Wilderness, however this was the first time that I have hiked Lizard Rock Trail. This was a quick little day hike that Lisa and I did as an out and back, but there are several opportunities to make a loop at different points along the trail. This hike would not be good for young children, however it is a good hike for families with teenagers.